August 9, 2013

A Falconer’s Story

A newb, an apprentice and Birds of Prey. This is my story. A conglomeration of my thoughts and experiences while learning the ins and outs of this lifestyle.

And truth be told I’ll be needing a spot to deposit this growing story of a passion I should have, and dreamt of, so long ago.

In truth there is a time in your life where you simply have to make the choice. To do something about it, and find out what you can, for many a time it starts out as simply an idea, with the tendency to stick around for donkey years, then go for it. As this is how it has started for me. A thought.

An idea that stuck to me like glue, and with it, came the eagerness to know more. And eventually, of being fed up with things simply sticking to dreams, I made the choice. Got off my lazy arse and found a Falconcrest Roofvogel Park oh-so damn close to home! So I went there, as they sought volunteers, and asked if I could start a.s.a.p to see if it was truly something for me.

This is how I introduced myself to a new world, a world I don’t see myself ever leaving. Not any time soon I hope!


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I'm a Brit, born and raised on Aruba and have been living in the Netherlands for more than 10 years now. I love to cook and more so to teach others that quality stuff you eat at restaurants can be made with love in your very own kitchen. Besides being a Romantic type, I may believe one day that I may be cute! Honest to god I’m not, I bite! Seriously! :P No, life is but a Rollarcoaster, and if you fall into madness I recommend you too Dive! Because if your not ready for it, it can be hell. And because of it I’m not the type that would trust anyone on the spot, its earned. And it all starts with respect, you do treat people the same way you wish to be treated, correct?

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