September 27, 2013

Indian Eagle-Owl

A serious writer is not to be confounded with a solemn writer. A serious writer may be a hawk or a buzzard or even a popinjay, but a solemn writer is always a bloody owl.

Indian Eagle-Owl (Bengaalse Oehoe) – (Bubo Bengalensis)

Indian Eagle-Owl

The Indian Eagle-Owl is also known as the Rock Eagle-Owl or Bengal Eagle-Owl and is a species of large horned owls found in the Indian subcontinent. Many believe that the ‘tufts’ on the horned owls are part of ears, which is not true.

Another myth is that all owls are night hunters, which is also not true. You can tell by the colours of their eyes when they hunt. Indian Eagle-Owls have a very distinctive fiery orange hue to their eyes, this indicates it hunts at dusk and dawn. They also resonate characteristic two-note calls to which the male delivers these ‘long calls’ mainly at dusk during the breeding season. The peak calling intensity is noticed in February.

In India these owls are associated with a number of superstitions and like many other large owls these are considered birds of ill omen. Belief in these superstitions has led to the persecution of the species in many areas by tribal hunters. The capture of these birds is illegal under Indian Law but an underground market still continues to drive the poaching of these creatures.

Types of prey it eats: Rodents, frogs and small birds.

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Aves
  • Order: Strigiformes
  • Family: Strigidae
  • Overall Length: 50-56cm
  • Overall Wingspan: 150cm
  • Average Weight: 1,000-1,100g

Species Range in Green


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