Hello, my name is Sam and this feathery reverie has become a part of my world. Odd isn’t it, that simple things would have a grand effect ‘pon your perspective? More so when a life-time dream becomes a reality. As a child I was always fascinated by Raptors, though as I grew up it never became a reality until I lost my job. In search of keeping myself busy through volunteering one way or the other I found a Raptor Park, located 10 minutes away from where I live! So of course I took a gander at their site and lo-and-behold they were searching for volunteers!

So I immediately called, asked if I could come by and since then I had always been in need of a crowbar to pry myself away from this Park. I learned how to feed them, care for them and slowly but surely fly with the various Raptors available. A true Reverie, and this is my story.


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